Saturday, October 6, 2012

Joy Oh Joy

Sometimes the only words that come to my mind after a week like this week are...

back. at. the. doctors. again. surely. not.

Actually, the past month has been an eventful one that’s for sure.
After moving house, guests here, a small Australian team mixed in with one fractured elbow, a bout of food poisoning, painful throat infection and then all three children getting a nasty fever-thing and being unwell for several days each (separately) and being up at the local hospital to see doctors for Spencer x 5 visits (so far) for his elbow, Tobi x 3 visits (food poisoning), Eliana x1 long visit (suspected flu... 3.5 hours in waiting area) and me x1 visit (throat infection).
So, when Spencer got sick this last time, I just couldn't bring myself to go back again and opted for a "sometimes-mums-just-know-what's-best" diagnosis and got antibiotics over the counter from the local pharmacy (does that make me a bad person?)

Through it all though, there has been a continued sense of God’s peace and love for our family.  And I certainly have had lots of time to hang out with each of my precious children!  
Seriously, it's all good!

That was until...

Only a few days ago, when our Internet cut out.  
We realized that we had not yet received a bill at this new house.  Coupled with that, I had attempted {unsuccessfully} to pay our electricity bill and when I finally went to do it, it was over due- meaning that we’d have to go to the electricity office to pay it (and not just 7-11).  
Unfortunately the office shut at 3pm so we’d have to wait till the next day as well as finding out where our closest office actually was (since we’ve moved to a different area now).  
Dave had to visit City Hall yesterday (something to do with his work permit) but happened to pop back home for a minute only to bump into the electricity man, poised and ready to cut our electricity off!  
Hmmm is this sounding vaguely familiar?
Anyhoo, with the electricity bill all sorted (phew) and the family all on the mend, I felt like I just needed one more thing to complete my happiness- the Internet back on!  
It’s one of those things that you never really realize how much you rely on it until it’s gone.  That recipe you need to Google, the medical illness you need to self-diagnose, the friend you need to email for their birthday, the Skype call you want to make to your parents... not to mention checking Facebook for an update on all the exciting things happening in other people's lives. Right?

But you know what? Not. Right.
I'd temporarily forgotten.  I actually didn't need the Internet to complete, or even contribute to, my happiness.  
My joy comes from the Lord.  I got it all wrong {again}.  I must be human or something!  I am so glad I have a God who forgives me when I lose sight of the MOST important thing in my life.
Personal attempt 1,694,389 at getting that right this week... how about you?
My faith in God’s salvation is a constant reason for joy and thanksgiving, no matter what temporary situation I am in. The knowledge of my salvation sets me free from the past, gives me faith for the present, and a glorious hope for the future. 
Hope for the future gives joy, and faith for the present gives peace.

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