Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Ever have those days when things just feel wonderful?
When my alarm went off this morning, I awoke feeling happy and refreshed.  I had two little friends who had quietly sneaked in during the wee early hours of the morning and now snuggled me closely and no real plans for the day (the ZOE kids have school holidays at the moment, so no English teaching for me).  
I tiptoed downstairs to make Dave a coffee and bring it to him in bed followed close behind by Eliana who wanted to make the boys a babycino.
She chatted to me about her dreams and I felt an overwhelming sense of love for this little family that God has placed me in.
When Spencer awoke, he was excited to recap the details of his final doctor's check-up last night for his fractured elbow.  He's been given the all-clear and doesn't even need his sling any more!  We have one excited boy at the moment.  Funnily enough, he started eating his breakfast with his left hand and then soon realized he could go back to using his right hand again.

Here's the results:
The night he broke it.
(Below) Getting the plaster reinforced, to which the doctor was heard muttering "I just don't think we can make it strong enough for Spencer!" Hahaha.
Getting the plaster taken off.  Spencer couldn't stop giggling as he's very ticklish.  The doctor was surprised because he said most children scream just from the noise of the machine.

And... this morning.  No plaster, no bandage, no sling!  Whowhoo!
Another proud achievement recently was Dave getting his motorbike license.  Go Dave!  
FYI I have had a few little rides on the bike, in safe areas, away from the general public, and let's just say... it's going to be a little while yet before I will be confident enough to go on the main roads or go for my license.  I'll keep you posted!

Oh yer, and we finally celebrated Tobi's 7th birthday.  It was a bit overdue but there was pizza, presents and party bags and lots of other things starting with 'P' so it was all good.

BUT, what is it that really makes this Wednesday so wonderful?  
Well, I just gotta say, getting to know God is the most amazing thing.  To be on this journey of seeking Him and getting to understand Him more is so, so humbling but also so incredibly wonderful.  If you don't yet know God, He is so different from any conception you may have of Him, whatever it is. In fact, one of the names God is known by in the Bible is “I AM WHO I AM”. In other words, it is impossible to find any comparison to Him. The strongest, wisest, holiest, most loving and compassionate person on earth does not even come close to comprehending how great God is.
Wednesday is a wonderful day for thanksgiving and praise.

Psalm 28:7 -The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.

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