Friday, October 5, 2012

Ahoy There Captain! (Part 1)

I can’t exactly remember the exact moment that I first met Captain Eric and Cathy.
Sometime after Dave and I were married, I volunteered to be a part of a team of people who went around to primary schools in the weeks leading up to Christmas and did puppet shows and taught songs to the children. They were the ones organizing it so it was probably around this time.
It wasn’t long after that, when they birthed the idea of having a “Life Gets Better” camp for children who had gone through trauma, grief, divorce or loss.
Caring for children in need was a passion that we both shared and the weekends away, were a practical way that we could be involved.
We began to see the results of giving these special children, who had been through so much, a weekend away of fun, encouragement, 1-on-1 attention and unconditional love.
It was over the next few years that David and I began to know both Eric and Cathy better. Through being a part of the planning team, helping to lead camp training and (for Dave) being camp MC. 

It was through these times that we developed a deep respect for this wonderful couple (and their 3 children).
As the years past, we yearned to help children more and more and started the process to become foster parents.
We’ve learnt so much from Eric and Cathy. Their wisdom and years of experience are so valuable. And not only that, they are so much fun to be around.
Despite their busy lives, with the births of each of our own children, Cathy and Eric were one of the first of our friends to show up with encouraging words and a special gift.
Even after our youngest son Spencer was born, as I hobbled out of my physiotherapy class, I looked up to see their bright smiling faces waiting to see me and it meant so much to see how much they cared for the people around them.
Since moving to Thailand and being involved in ministry in a different country, Eric and Cathy have come alongside us and supported us with both their finances and prayers. As part of our prayer team, they have kept up to date with all that’s been going on in our lives and work over here.
On our last trip back, we had the pleasure of having lunch with them and spending time hanging out at their home. Their love and support just simply amazes me.
You can imagine how excited Dave and I were when they wrote to us earlier this year and shared their desire to come out and minister at ZOE and visit us here in Thailand.
Last week, the time finally arrived!
We had the pleasure of hosting Captain Eric, Cathy as well as some other friends and fellow LGB camp leaders, Cam and Jill Begg… to be continued!

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Or to read more about what Captain Eric and Cathy do in Australia, check out the CHIPS (Christians Helping in Primary Schools) site.

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