Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 300th Post!!

What is it about writing the 300th post that creates pressure? I feel like I should say something really intelligent, funny or at least mildly amusing.  
Ummmm..... {got nothin'}

Okay well it's a public holiday here today so, since my children have the day off school, I decided that I would put them to work and see if they could come up with something!!  

No, seriously, I just asked them a bunch of fun questions and we had a lot of laughs this morning as they all had their turn being "interviewed". 

(FYI, the question ideas were from the YMCA, Fun Questions to Ask Your Kids incase you want to do this with your own children).

I hope you enjoy!!

1. If you could spend your time doing only one activity, what would that activity be? 

S: Having a bath

E: Resting on my bed. Because if I chose something else I would never get to rest or sleep.

T: Learning more stuff. So I can be clever.

2. If you could learn how to do something new next week, what would you choose? 

S: Craft

E: Learning how to make pretty things... but proper things out of recycled materials.

T: I’d learn how to shoot guns in case a robber comes and there’s no one else there in the room.

3. If you could do something to cheer up a group of kids less fortunate than you, what would you do? Why?

S: Give them something big… like a basketball ring.

E: Give away all my teddies except one because they wouldn’t have many things.

T: I’d adopt them because then they won’t be poor anymore.

4. If you could pick something in your bedroom that would last forever, what would you choose? Why?

S: My little Mickey Mouse toy.

E: My snow globe because it’s made out of glass and it means a lot to me.

T: My Bombers hat and my money.

5. If you could send an e-mail or text message to anyone in the world knowing that they would in fact open it and read it, to whom would you send it? What would you say? 

S: Jonas.  Dear Jonas. I hope you have a good trip to Denmark. What does your house look like? Tell me xoxoxoxo Love from Spencer.
Why? Because I can’t see him anymore.

E: Jonas. Dear Jonas. How are you going at your friend’s house? Hope you have a good trip to Denmark. Praying for you. 
Why? I would send this because he left and it was very sad. 

T: God. Dear God, Thank you that you made the world so people could have a good life. Please help me to do the right thing and help others. From Tobiah Cross.  

Why? So I could hear back from him.

6. If you could have a super power, what would you choose to have? Why? What super-hero name would you choose?

S: I'd choose to be super strong because I want to be like Tigger. I would be Super-Spencer-Cross-Superman.

E: I would fly because I would get a better view and I could go anywhere. My superhero name would be Super-Eliana-Cross-is-coming-to-the-rescue.

T: Be able to jump off buildings and not get hurt because if a robber is chasing you, then you can jump off and he can’t jump off without getting hurt. My super-hero name would be Super-Jumper-Cross.

7. If you could have any animal in the world and shrink it down to a mouse-sized pet, what animal would you choose? 
Why? What name would you give it? Why?

S: Stegosaurus. Because it’s my favourite dinosaur. If it was pet I would cuddle him.  I would name it Spencer-Stegosaurus-My-Cross-Stegosaurus because that’s like its nick name.

E: A giraffe. Because I know I could never really have a pet giraffe and I could carry around and look after it. I would name it Eliana’s-Special-Giraffe.

T: A guinea pig because it wouldn’t bite me. I’d name it Simeon because he was my best friend at my old school.

8. Where do you think would be the most exciting place in the world to visit?

S: Kad Suan Kaew (our local shops)
E: Australia
T: Heaven

9. Can you think of something we could do to make meals together more interesting and fun for everyone in the family?
S: Watch a movie while we’re eating.

E: We could have one of our family’s favourite meals each night, everyone could choose what they wanted from oldest to youngest.

T: Have it all nice like a hotel with soft music, big tables, yummy food and soft drink.

10. What is the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

S: Shaking my bottom while dancing.
E: Making funny noises.
T: Doing the chicken dance.

11. What is your favourite sport or game? If you could change one rule, what would you change?

S: Basketball. You should get points for tackling people because I like to wrestle.

E: Basketball. You could move the height of the hoop whenever you want. But only every 2 minutes. But if the coach blows the whistle and everyone is still happy, the coach can still change it.

T: Footy (AFL). Every time a team got a goal against the Bombers, then the Bombers would get a free kick.

12. What is the strangest sound you can make? What do you think it sounds the most like in nature?

S: My noise sounds like a pig snoring.

E: Like a fluffy.

T: A lion with a sore throat.

13. What part about being a kid do you think you will miss the most when you grow up?

S: Dancing all the time.

E: I think I will be less flexible.

T: Being able to run fast.

14. What is your favorite word right now? What do you like about it? When have you used it recently?

S: "Happy Christmas, Suk San wan Christmas"… I like it because Santa Claus brings presents to people in movies.

E: "Stupendous". If someone says it to me, I feel happy. I don’t really use it, I just heard it in a movie.

T: "Heaven". It makes me feel like I want to go there. I liked it when we were watching a movie and I heard the word.

15. If you could swap places with anyone in the world for just a day, who would you choose? Why?

S: Jhan so I could be in Ing’s family.

E: Jonas’ big brother. Because I could be in Jonas’ family for at least one day.

T: Seth (Simeon’s big brother) because then I could spend time with Simeon.

16. What do you think would be the best thing about being a dog or cat? What would be the worst thing? 

S: The best things would be wagging my tail. The worst thing would be doing poo in the garden.

E: The best thing would be that I could tell people I’m happy or sad by wagging my tail. There would be nothing bad about being a cat or dog.

T: The best things would be getting dog treats. The worst thing would be getting sick.

17. What is one thing that you think you will definitely be great at when you are an adult?

S: Cooking… oh no… I mean doing raspberries on little kids.

E: Looking after babies and children.

T: Being in the Olympics... competing in freestyle.

And there you have it, our 300th post!!  Thanks to Tobi, Eli 
and Spencer for helping me out.


Unknown said...

Just loved this post. Your kids are so special. Thank you so much for sharing.

Cross Family said...

Thanks Margot. It was quite fun hearing all their answers x

Jim said...

Congrats on 300! Great post too, by the way. :)

Cross Family said...

Thanks Jim :)