Tuesday, March 31, 2020


To “flinch” means to make a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive 
reaction to fear, pain, or surprise.

Did you know there’s a game show on Netflix called Flinch?

Each episode of the program, tests contestant's nerves when they experience three unexpected, or scary, challenges. If they flinch, there are painful consequences for them. The contestant who flinches the least is declared the winner.

The majority of the contestants flinched like every.single.time!! Even though the same thing kept happening, they reacted in surprise each time it occurred.

What was interesting to me though was how one or two people were actually able to control their body’s reactions and not flinch at all. Or maybe they flinched the first time, but then they were able to avoid further flinching once they knew what was going to happen.

The whole show made for some humorous viewing and gave us all a much-needed laugh.

But it also made me think about my own reactions recently. There’s been a lot happening with unpredictable challenges, changes, cancellations, disappointments and restrictions.

What have my reactions to these unexpected circumstances been? I only need to open my laptop up to see the list of emails, notifications, social media posts and news reports. All around, people are projecting fear, pain and surprise.

Am I someone who, even though I know we’re going through unexpected, or uncertain times right now, keeps on reacting in shock every time? {FLINCH}

Or, am I able to somehow be like those one or two people who were actually able to control and stabilise their body’s reactions and not flinch every time.

At online church on Sunday, the message was titled ‘The Power to Stand’.

As a Christian, I can stand firm. I don't need to be tossed to and fro, as crisis’ come and go. Not be knocked over by fear, my emotions or the opinions of the world - flinching every time something bad happens.

How do I stop flinching!

What does it look like? It looks like living with an understanding of the promises of God.
It looks like living a life that reflects God’s greatness and goodness.
It looks like someone who displays confidence, peace and faith during hard times.
And it comes from having a relationship with God.
He gives us the power and strength to stand firm. And we get this strength through spending time with Him and getting a revelation of His word. We need to remember His faithfulness, His goodness and His promises. We stand firm on these and not fear, our past mistakes or what others are saying.

Please keep washing your hands, staying home and following the safety precautions, but try not to FLINCH every single time you hear bad news.

Pray for our world, stand firm and remember His wonderful deeds.