Monday, February 11, 2013

Frantic and Fun-Filled February!

I hope that you get the chance to jump over to the ZOE blog and read the latest post called, "". It's all about just how amazing the transformation of a life can be.  
What a privilege it is to see this right before my very eyes.
It has been a stretch for me to learn and practice teaching in such a different style to how I have taught in the past.
I am having to learn to slow down {more}, tread carefully, evaluate continually and be sensitive to the very tender and raw emotions that are brought in to the classroom; unsure as to what each new day will bring.
It certainly has pushed my faith to rely on God more and not on my own {limited} abilities.  
Please join me in praying for these newly rescued children who are on the most incredible journey of discovering God's plan for their lives and how wonderful He created them to be. 

As the title to this post suggests, February has (so far) been a frantic and fun-filled few weeks.
It's amazing how, just by adding in a couple of extra curricula activities for our children, it has morphed me from a some-what calm, 'in-control' mother to... well, whatever the opposite of that is!  
I'll let you use your imagination! Haha!
As I had mentioned in a previous post, Tobi had been doing soccer and Eli, dance.  This week they both have extra practices on top of their usual ones due to an upcoming game/concert as well as a new commitment too- an after school Thai homework club.
Pictured above, Eli practising the splits!  She's nearly there!
Dave was honored to be asked to give the sermon at ZOE church this past Sunday.  It was so great to be able to fellowship with the ZOE family.  But the most heart-warming part, was the overwhelming response to Dave's message from the children and teens.  
We were able to pray for so many of them who are facing some challenges in their lives right now.

Dave and I have had the pleasure of photographing two ZOE (staff) weddings this month too.  It was fun being a "wedding-photographer-for-a-day" however after each wedding was over, I was completely exhausted hahaha.  
The best bit, for me, was both the editing and preparation of the photos to be printed. Photographing the weddings was such a wonderful experience and both weddings were just beautiful!  LOVE was definitely in the air.  I will write more about them soon over at the ZOE blog.
Below are a few photos from the two days. 

Spencer has been a bit unwell the past few days (and he desperately needs a haircut too).  Poor kid!  
I think he has some kind of stomach upset.  He hardly complains about it but has definitely lost his spark.  He spent the day with me today running errands and pottering about.  It was nice to have his company despite him not feeling 100%.  Plus, he still manages to warm my heart with that cheeky smile, sick or not.

Well, I truly hope that your February is more fun-filled than frantic.  
We really value your friendships and commitment to follow our family's journey and the lives of the precious ZOE children.

Please know that you are loved, missed and appreciated, SO MUCH!
Many blessings,