Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1826 days ago...

… Dave and I bundled three, small, crying children onto an Air Asia, $49 dollar, one-way flight bound for Chiangmai.

… we said goodbye to a home that we loved and a safety net of friends and family whom we adored.

… we swapped "normal" for different.

… we gave up trying to plan and predict and have control.

… we stopped earning an income and really started relying on Our Provider to supply all our needs.

… we started caring more and crying more and praying more.

… we began waiing, removing our shoes at the front door and trying foods that we'd never heard of.

… we learnt sounds and tones that English words just don't have.

… and we got a glimpse of the plan God had for our family.

1826 days ago…

… life as we knew it changed and so did we.

It's hard to describe, sum up or put into words just how thankful we are for this journey we're on.  Just by flipping through some of our blog posts I hope you can see how faithful God has been and how much we just love serving Him.  People, circumstances and life can be unkind but God is good - all the time - and nothing has been more true for us this past 5 years.

This week I have had enjoyed reminiscing our journey so far by looking through some old photos and videos.

Join me for a trip down memory lane!  Here's a small overview of the past 5 years here in Thailand.

January 2010- January 2015

The children's first visit to the new ZOE home.
Before we had a car...
Flag bearer, International Day at kindergarten.

Lunch at the ZOE kid's school.
Tobi's first field trip.
Eliana's first field trip.
 Border run to Burma.
 Shoe distribution to a local village.
 Moo ping for breakfast.
 Riding elephants!
Thai wedding in the village.

 Kid's camp at ZOE.
Celebrating Christmas with our ZOE family.
 Hmmm… odd one out!
 Village visit.
A visit to the zoo.
Run for Relief 5km fun run. 
 Friends from Bangkok, 13 people in the car!
 At the elephant camp.
 Our first Christmas (and fake tree).

 Lantern festival
Visiting a village.

Our ZOE missionary family- back then!
 Kindergarten friends.
 This lady's son lived in Australia!
 Rainy season!
 New experiences!
 Breakfast on-the-go
 Lime stone water falls
 Eli Thai dancing.
 Stopping on the side of the road for dinner.
 Our very first Thanksgiving.

 Hospital visit.
 Barbecue dinner at ZOE.
 Off to preschool!
 Fun at the waterfalls.
 ANZAC Day- Thai style.
Games at ZOE.

And now...

We're excited to see what God's got planned for the next 5 years.  
Thanks so much for supporting us on this journey.