Wednesday, August 20, 2014

...In Its Time

Well this post not only has me writing from a new address and new surroundings but with a fresh sense of expectancy for the year ahead.
Thanks for the cake Laura!
It's true, I celebrated turning 27 {ahem} 37 yesterday. Whaaat?
Okay I admit I feel kind of old saying that.
Since I wrote last, we have moved house from the bustling city which we'd come to love to somewhat more peaceful surroundings of rice fields and, more importantly, good friends.  We are closer to the children's home too which is a massive bonus and we are enjoying discovering all the local spots to eat.
One of the first things I loved about this house when we looked through it was the view of the rice fields out the master bedroom window. It was so completely different to our view in the city. Ahhh… that view instantly took me to a happy place.
So when moving day came and I took a load of small items in the car along with the 2 boys, we couldn’t wait to race upstairs and fling back those curtains and breath in the exhilarating, fresh air… smoke!!!

What? Where were the beautiful rice fields we’d been dreaming about? The boys and I stood there in disbelief.  

It’s funny now, looking back to that moment because actually, that pretty much summed up my feelings of the entire year just been. 

Have you ever had those moments of realising, hang on, I didn’t plan this, this wasn’t how it was meant to be, I wasn’t expecting that!!?

How often in the name of being ‘proactive’ and ‘organised’ do I try to plan and… control, only to be standing there, mouth gaping wide breathing in the smoky air of a burning rice field?
Umm okay, don’t answer that!

Ever had that experience?

Our pastor had been doing a series on ‘seasons’ lately.  It’s really helped me to once again remember that just like the appearance outside my window may completely change and go from beautiful to ugly.  So too in time will it change again.

So, after keeping those curtains shut for the first few weeks here, and not actually spending much of the daytime in my bedroom, I finally had a good day of cleaning and sorting out last week where I flung open those curtains once more and let the sunlight and the fresh air seep in.  I also looked out to the fields again and immediately smiled as I saw the sight I’d longed for a month or so ago, the beauty of the lush green fields before me.  It took my breath away.  Thank you God. 
Well, we’ve heard it all before, seasons come and seasons go but seriously, sometimes when you’re stuck in a challenging season of life, ‘that season’ can seem to be unending.  Life lesson: it will pass.

And so here I sit, 37 years old with a new season stretched out before me, and I’m all giddy like a kid in a lolly shop gripping my pocket money tightly in my hand asking, what should I do first?
I am excited to say that we will be heading back to Australia for a visit in late September-October!! Yay.  That has been unexpected but very cool all the same. So I will be putting that trip together.  Our kids have not experienced Melbourne spring weather since 2009!!  Needless to say, they’re hoping it won’t be as cold as the past few years of winter and I hope so too.

Many of you have asked whether our children’s school found a teacher… no! Not yet!  But we are still praying and believing that one or more will come.  The teachers are doing a great job to cover everything but they are very stretched.  I will be helping out by relief teaching.  I have already done 1 day and I have another 8 lined up over the next few weeks.
And on the days that I am not needed at school, I am able to scoot around town helping to get things that Dave needs for work (although I think I still need to work on my attitude a bit before I could officially be his PA or anything).
I am enjoying baking and exercising and more time to mull over things (like my heart attitudes!!).  It’s all good!

So if you’re currently stuck staring out into the open fields of smoke and ugliness wondering, when is this season ever going to end?  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you! (James 4:8) You are not alone for the Father is with you (John 16:32). And remember, it will pass!