Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Like it HOT!

And some SPIKE it HOT!
I'm guessing most people know the song, "Hot Hot Hot"  (a song written by Montserrat musician Arrow and later covered by Buster Poindexter.) 
It's what I feel like chanting everyday because, well, IT'S HOT here!
I won't complain too much though because I'm sure in 4 weeks time, when I'm back in Australia, I'll be complaining about how cold it is!!
One Saturday recently in the scorching sun, 4 courageous ZOE missionaries took on the challenge of participating in a seriously hot volleyball round robin.
Jessica, Jonathon, Dave and Rob put a team in for the 'fun' pool only to be informed that they're weren't enough other teams to run that competition and that they had been added to the 'competitive' section!
Well, the training began with Denise throwing balls to the team during their breaks at ZOE and as the day rapidly approached, it was with much anticipation that this group stretched their muscles and prepared for the unknown.
Surprisingly they won their first two games... yay!  But unfortunately the rest of the day, although close, did not result in any more victories.  All of us cheering them on were so proud of their efforts.  With sunburn and sore muscles, it was still all smiles as the Some Spike it Hot team looked ahead to being even better prepared for next year!  Go team ZOE!

Our children finish school today!  What? I can't believe my older two will be in Grade 2 and 3 soon!  I love watching them grow up. It is such a blessing.
Below are some photos from their big clean-up yesterday where they washed all the school chairs and ended with a big water fight - one of the joys of living in a hot country.

In preparation for Australia, our children have been trying to learn the Australian National Anthem.  They sing the Thai one every morning at school, but remembering when they heard the Australian anthem during a visit with us to one of the schools that Dave and I were speaking at last year, they have been prompted to learn the Australian one too.  It's actually quite lovely hearing them sing it around the house.  
In further preparation for adjusting back to Australian life, Dave and the kids have been keeping up with the AFL football this year.  A couple of weekends ago, Dave set up an area with hotdogs, snacks and the computer screen to create an authentic "footy" atmosphere around their viewing time.  Tobi is extremely excited because he will be attending his first ever AFL match this year when we're back.
Recently we celebrated two of our little friends turning 4 and 6.  Their party was in a park and was so much fun.  Below is Tobi with a school friend.
 The kids with some of their friends from preschool and school.
Well I need to finish off a few more jobs before picking my children up for the last time until mid August when they begin their new school year.
I hope and trust that you are well.  We love hearing from you and can't wait to catch up with all our lovely family and friends very soon.
I'll leave you with some photos from this morning's little party and chance to honour the teachers for a wonderful year of school.



Unknown said...

Once again loved the blog. Think I will be away while you are here this year. Heading north to avoid some of Melbourne's winter. Hope your visit goes really well.

Cross Family said...

Thanks Margot. Good idea re the weather! Enjoy!