Friday, September 21, 2012

Update on Spencer's Elbow

Last post we asked:
*Please pray with us for Spencer's arm to heal properly.  The doctor  will x-ray the elbow on Tuesday night and let us know whether it is healing correctly or whether a pin needs to be surgically inserted (we are believing this won't be necessary).  It's been very difficult to keep him from jumping and running around in his usual manner!!

Well praise God!  The x-ray on Tuesday showed that the bone is healing really nicely.  Spencer had the full plaster cast put on to which he lay there cracking jokes and amusing the medical staff (a pleasant change to a week ago).
He'll have another x-ray this Tuesday and will probably need the plaster on for another three weeks.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  God is good!
Then Wednesday morning I was back up at the hospital waiting to see a different doctor.  Poor Tobi got food poisoning on the weekend and was showing very slow signs of any improvement.  After seeing a wonderful doctor who prescribed him just the right medications, he was a different boy within 24 hours.  And was back at school on Thursday.

As you can see here, by Friday night, both boys were back in the game, full of energy and taking each other on in a semi-friendly game of soccer.  
It's so nice to have them both able to run around again.
Oh and lastly, during Chapel on Friday at the school/ preschool Eliana and Spencer attend (the preschoolers, Grade 1 and 2 get together each Friday morning for half an hour or so) Spencer won the Star Student Award!  He was so chuffed and I think I may've even wiped a tiny little tear from one eye.

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Awesome!! God is good (Ben S)