Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Vegemite to Pig's Blood

I know, right? Gross title for a blog post but let me explain.  I have written about Spencer and his eating habits several times on this blog, but the other day, when he announced, "I don't like Vegemite anymore" it left me speechless... what? I mean what Australian-born child would ever say that?  Seriously?  
I had no reply.
A week later as we sat around with our various Thai lunch dishes in front of us, Dave points and says to Spencer, 
"Oh just letting you know that pig's blood there.  You don't have to eat it.  Just push it to the side".
"Where?" Spencer quickly responds... spots it... and then gobbles it up!!!
Okay enough said!!

Speaking of pigs.  
Recently Dave had the privilege of helping with the 8 newly-delivered piglets in the ZOE pig farm.  Ahhh so cute.  
He even got to tie their umbilical cords!
Well some of you may've seen some of the ZOE camp photos on Facebook, but for those of you who haven't, you can check out Jessica Dodd's page for the updates. 
Below are a couple of pics here too:

We hope that you had a good Easter. Despite David being a bit unwell, we still managed to have a nice few days.
On Sunday after lunch, we all snuggled in bed (with the air on!!) to watch the kid's version of the Passion.

This year, we used our Easter-egg molds (from my brother) to make our own chocolate eggs and I made my own recipe up for some hot crossed scones (in our new oven).

Dave has had a week off this past week.  It has been so nice to have all my besties at home for part of the school holidays.  It's been eventful and fun.  We've certainly packed a lot in to the past few days.
One of the highlights was having some of the ZOE kids over for a play on Tuesday afternoon.  We had so many laughs decorating gingerbread cookies, playing games and pulling out the Barbies, Lego and blocks.  This was a memory we will cherish for a long time to come.
Dave is back at work tomorrow while the rest of us enjoy one more week at home before school goes back for the last 4 weeks of the year!!! What?? I can't believe that the older two will soon be finishing Grade 1 and Grade 2... yikes!
David is heading away with the ZOE youth at the end of next week for a trip to the village.  He is very much looking forward to this as he both loves spending time with the ZOE teenagers and loves going to the villages.  

Well it is currently Songkran here.  A crazy (dangerous) and fun time of the year.  Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New Year.
According to the Bangkok Post, in the first three days of the holiday there were 1,447 road accidents which caused 173 deaths and 1,526 injuries.  There are still a couple of days to go!  We have been out and about a few times this year with much of the action happening right around our house.  We had a blast yesterday going out with friends in the back of a truck armed with water guns and icy water.  It proved to be a lot of fun. 

Well there is so much more to tell. {I'm sorry my updates have been few and far between!} BUT, I will save the rest of the news for another time... seriously, the story about our cockroach infestation will just have to wait for another day- when the trauma of has become a fading memory. Ewww!  I know you must be really disappointed about that LOL!

I'll leave you know with a few pictures from this first week of school holidays.  We enjoyed going to our aquarium, visiting several waterfalls and just hanging out as a family.

And, in closing, Dave and I are working hard to keep "encouraging" Spencer back to a diet inclusive of the great Aussie icon Vegemite... we will never give up!!


Unknown said...

Pig's blood? Really? Yikes! That is amazing how far he comes. I already say little prayers that our Lucy will adjust quickly and not go on a hunger strike. I think it will be chicken and rice for a while on her plate. Maybe one day she'll get to pig's blood ;) These pictures are so beautiful. Love the updates!

Cross Family said...

Thanks Cat. Actually the whole family tasted the pig's blood in the end hahaha. Lucy will be fine!! LOL. Hope all is well at your end. I need to catch up on your latest update. Blessings, Andie x