Sunday, April 28, 2013

ANZAC Day- Thai Style

Learning about ANZAC Day was something that our eldest son Tobi had never experienced at school due to the fact that, up until recently, he had been attending an international school with an American curriculum.
As the 25th approached, he was becoming more and more interested (and inquisitive) so when we told him that we were going to be attending a dawn service this year too, he was looking forward to the day even more.
Not surprisingly, ANZAC Day is not a public holiday here in Thailand, so after the dawn service, our kids went home for a short play but then had to go to school and Dave off to work.
Besides taking the time to remember what ANZAC Day is all about, some of the highlights from this week (in no particular order) included enjoying an Aussie barbecue for breakfast with friends (with sausages and damper), seeing Tobi and Eliana lay the student-made wreath at the dawn service and hearing Tobi read his Simpson acrostic poem out at the front of chapel on Friday.  
This really has been a very special ANZAC week.

To top it off, this weekend, Dave and the kids also gathered around the computer screen to watch a replay of the Essendon v Collingwood AFL match.  
Lots of, "C'mon Bombers!" could be heard vibrating through the house and the nervous cheers soon turned to shouts of happiness as Essendon sealed the victory.
You can take Dave away from the football, but you can't take the football away from Dave!  

And, as anticipated, I had baked ANCAZ biscuits... and lots of them!  Did I mention that I LOVE HAVING AN OVEN? 
So in the end, all the children at school got one, friends had some and also the missionaries at ZOE too.  
I don't think we did a very good job explaining the meaning behind the biscuits though as the Americans kept calling them 'oatmeal cookies' but anywhoo!  There's always next year.

Lest We Forget!


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