Sunday, April 21, 2013

Everyday Heroes. Making a Difference

A real-life "Little Miss Sunshine" story.

One of the best parts of our work here is meeting everyday heroes.
This year, we've had the privilege of spending time with 
people from around the world, who care about the work being done through ZOE and who give generously of their time and resources.  
They are all heroes to us!
Several months ago, Dave and I met Tim and Carmen, an Australian couple who are not only making difference in the world through their own choices but also purposefully raising their daughter Gemma to impact her generation in a positive way.
Carmen, met David briefly after he shared at Donvale Christian College in 2011.  
[Side note: This school then went on to hold a fundraiser for ZOE, hosted by two Year 10 students and... the amazing fundraiser brought in a whopping $6500, which was just truly remarkable!]
When Carmen and husband Tim contacted us and shared that they were visiting Thailand as volunteers, helping out with a children's program at a missions conference, we were thrilled to be able to coordinate a date to spend some time with them.  
This couple really are so inspirational and it was a joy to hear them share what was on their hearts.
As we sat and ate lunch, Tim and Carmen began explaining about their daughter Gemma's recent birthday party.
Her invitations stated:
"A gift is not required, but we would love if you would consider donating to 
They help rescue and care for kids that have been victims of child trafficking in, Thailand".

We were shocked!
They went on to explain how they too were blown away by their guest's generosity. Even their friends who weren't able to make it on the day donated! 
With mutual friends, Carla and Chad.
Through their own selfless act, of not receiving presents for their daughter, they managed to collect $1500 to give to ZOE!
How much more meaningful it made it when they visited the ZOE Children's Home with their daughter and learnt more about the work we do here and how their actions will be helping the lives of so many others.
Thank you Tim, Carmen and Gemma! (And everyone else who gave).  
You really are everyday heroes!

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