Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Another mum and I were quietly laughing yesterday at the preschool pick up at the sight of Eli and Spencer in their socks and runners.  
I explained that we were practicing wearing shoes before we headed back to Australia in a month's time.  
The norm here is no shoes indoors and sometimes thongs {flip flops} or Crocs for outside.
Next week we might have to see if we can get Spencer in to a pair of jeans... or sitting in a car seat... that'll be fun!!

But speaking of socks, mine are gone... they're no where to be found.

This week, they've literally been BLESSED off!

We've had two special visitors recently.  Some of you may have heard of, Ben Price.  It was such a pleasure to have Ben stay in our home for a few days, visit ZOE, sit up having late night laughs and go elephant riding.  
We all equally enjoyed his company and wished he could've been here just a little bit longer.  Thanks Ben, for all you did at ZOE as well as bringing so much laughter to our family.

The second special guest we've had here who is maybe not so famous, outside of our family, but a definite superstar to us, was Tammy (Dave's sister).
The bags under my eyes are definitely a show-tell sign of the late night talking that went on night after night.  The slightly more toned stomach muscles (okay... maybe that's wishful thinking) is from the continual laughter.  And the refrigerator and pantry stocked with snacks and Australian goodness (thanks also to Dave's mum) are just the noticeable signs that someone so precious has been.
But on the inside, I feel so blessed to have Tam in our lives.  She is so delightful and fun to be around not to mention a good partner in solving all the problems of the world (especially in the wee early hours of the morning).

Here's just a few snapshots from the past week.  
No socks in sight!

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