Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Half Way!

It's nearly the middle of the calendar year! Can you believe it? I was just thinking today about how my children have just 3 more days of school until the end of their school year (this still seems odd to me coming from Australia where the end of the school year is December).  
But anywhoo, poor little Spencer who attends preschool here, is beginning to fade... it seems he's just about collapsing at the finish line... too tired to even make it to the end and so, incidentally, he 
has been receiving lots of extra love and care lately. 
Photograph taken by Eliana.
Hopefully he'll be able to get some enjoyment out of these last few days.
And since it's nearly the mid way point for the calendar year, (actually we have one more month- July 1st is the middle of a leap year). It had me being all reflective about my {dare I say it} New Year's resolutions!!
I did make a few, I'll admit.
Some I won't speak about right now (we'll save them for another post about broken resolutions {um, I mean} recommitting our NY resolutions).
But here's one I did make.
At my son's Christmas concert last year, a speaker was throwing out some ice-breaker questions and (being a Christian school) he said, "Out of the parents, how many of you have read the Bible cover to cover?"
Well I looked around the audience and there were a lot of raised hands!  And so I began wondering... I mean I have been a Christian basically my whole life... I'm now 34 years old... what excuse do I have?
That very day, I went home and looked up on line to find a program that would set me up to be able to complete the whole Bible in one year... and thus birthed one of this year's resolutions.
And you know what?  I am actually on track! I am actually 42.5% of the way through.  Whoop whoop.
And I am not telling you this to boast... please don't think that's why I am sharing, but I am telling you this to encourage you.
It's nearly mid year and if you're like me and you're nearly half-way through achieving something too- KEEP GOING!  
Don't capitulate now.
YOU CAN DO IT! (That's me shouting and cheering you on).
Whenever we have a goal to reach we can always expect to face opposition.   
I have had days where I have not read my daily quota, but I have chosen not to give up.  I set about the next day and read double.  One time a couple of months ago, I missed a whole week so I set aside a few hours on a Sunday afternoon while everyone else was resting and caught myself back up.
Is it easy? Not always. Is it time-consuming? Yes. Does it come at a cost? Yes. 
Is it worth it? Most definitely!
Balancing act!
Whatever your goal: getting fit, learning a language, giving up a bad habit, developing a new skill... it's nearly mid year, yes, but it's NOT TOO LATE!
If you made a resolution, recommit and try again.  And think about that sense of accomplishment at the end!
Check back here in 7 months time... I want to be here shouting, "I MADE IT!"

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