Friday, May 11, 2012

...and it's Friday!

Yay, it's Friday!! How's your week been?
I'm happy to report that mine has been really great!
Starting with a public holiday on Monday, my three kids and I spent the day enjoying a slightly cooler (and rather stormy) ol' day indoors playing UNO, reading and baking a bountiful supply of gingerbread men.

On Tuesday, as I headed in to ZOE to help Kaylee teach English to the primary school children, I noticed that the roads near ZOE were covered in debris.  Large framed signs had been totally demolished and were now strewn down embankments and trees, which had fallen across the road, had been pushed aside to allow the flow of traffic to continue.  
The dirt track leading in to the ZOE property was muddy and slippery and it looked like a tornado had gone through.
After mentioning it to someone at lunch, they reported that a small tornado had gone through!  There was a little bit of damage done to some of our buildings, but thankfully nobody was harmed.  We've had the insurance company out at ZOE this week, surveying the damage.

For the English classes, the day was divided between 6 groups with about 6-7 students per group at various levels.

I've heard it said, "You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher" or something like that.  I guess, for me, this week has reminded me again how much I LOVE teaching and what a joy it is to see learning taking place right before your very eyes.

So this week I helped with the English classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which = SO MUCH FUN!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting another local organization here in Chiangmai called Urban Light.  
Adrian Rowse, a fellow Aussie, has taken on a twelve month role at Urban Light as their Thailand Director. 
Urban Light provides 15-25 year old young men working in Chiang Mai’s red-light districts with access to support, advocacy, English and life skills classes and alternative vocational training. Most importantly Urban Light is a place where exploited young men are loved, valued and accepted.  
It was great to meet Adrain and hear about his passion for helping these guys.

So what do you do when it gets to Friday night and everyone is hot and bothered and in desperate need to chill out in both body and mind?  
Why go to Sizzler, that's what!  We had a special family treat tonight and enjoyed a nice dinner out... whoowhoo for no dishes and three sleepy children by the time we got home.  Such a funny night in that we kept bumped in to people that we knew while we were out, two families from preschool, another family from our neighborhood and the entire PE department from Tobi's school. LOL.

Hope your weekend's AWESOME!

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