Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Update

Well it seems like the days and weeks are flying by and I guess before we know it, we will be back living nearby (at least for 6 weeks anyway).
We are all looking forward to our trip back tremendously (minus the thought of cold weather!!)
The weather here is so HOT at the moment.  We have noticed how much more tired we all are.  Dave and I are doing our best to get to bed at a reasonable hour- despite there always being things we want to keep working on.
I have enjoyed going in to ZOE more frequently.  I have really enjoyed the role of writing for the ZOE blog and just being around the ZOE staff and volunteers more.  They are always a source of much inspiration and truly wonderful people.  I feel so blessed to be working alongside them.  This coming week I am hoping to be able to help out teaching English.
I thank God for His protection the other day.  I was following Dave up the steps at ZOE to a meeting when  I tripped and fell.  The problem was that I had the ZOE S.L.R camera in one hand and Dave’s laptop in the other leaving no hands free left to catch myself.  Unbelievably neither piece of technology got damaged, not even a scratch and I managed to escape with just a bruised wrist, leg and very red face!

I am driving some little Burmese twins that live near us to preschool with Eliana and Spencer this month.  It has been fun getting to know them more and seeing how excited they get listening to Veggie Tales in the car, giggling and clapping as the music plays.  Spencer and Eliana have enjoyed "reading" stories to them too and spending extra time with their friends.
We are looking forward to a visit from Dave's sister Tammy in a couple of weeks time.  She has been such a blessing to us, helping us with lots of the work being established for ZOE Foundation Australia.  We also thank Ben Stickland and his team as well as Glen Slimmon- these guys are AMAZING!  We appreciate all you are doing to help us set everything up in Australia.  We know God will bless your socks off!
Dave is working on several projects at the moment.  He also continues to enjoy the challenges of being the Child Protection Officer.  Along with the regular training on child safety and protection, this week he has been working with the parents, teens and older children on 'Keeping Safe on the Internet'.  I enjoyed helping him plan for his presentations.  This area is one that will need regular training and monitoring, but was a timely reminder for the ZOE kids as they head back to school next week.  He has also been developing strategies and policies to ensure that media and photography at ZOE is contained so that our children with protected identities do not have their safety compromised in any way.  You can imagine with so many children, staff, volunteers, parents and visitors that this is a very difficult task but we are hoping, one that will prove successful.
Please join us in praying for a few more churches to speak at during our trip back.  We still have these two vacancies: 
Sunday June 24th        and    
Sunday July 15th                
Click here for more information.
I thank God for you, for your faithfulness and prayerful support of our family.  May you enjoy a week drenched in God's love and goodness.

Blessings, Andie   

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