Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out On A Limb

March 15th 2010 was Dave’s first ‘official’ day working for the ZOE Children's Home.  I just went back through the archives and read about it. Remember this photo?

Fourteen months ago we went out on a limb when we left our home in Australia and headed for Chiangmai, Thailand.  
We were well-intentioned and we believed that we were making a choice about something that we passionately felt called to do. 
Now, looking back, you may be wondering whether that limb is still holding us... if it’s a bit shaky... or whether it snapped and left us badly hurt and crying at the base of the tree?!  LOL

Well, I’m here to report that we are still perched out on the limb that is: living overseas as “missionaries”.  We are thoroughly committed to being a part of ZOE Children's Home, an organization that rescues orphans and children from human trafficking.
There have been times when we’ve looked down and felt afraid, moved forward and sensed our own instability or glanced around only to dwell on our isolation from loved ones BUT, by the grace of God, I feel that we are currently positioned in a firm and stable position out on the limb

In the same way that our own children will take risks knowing that we, their parents, will be there to support them and catch them if they fall, we have also planted our feet firmly in faith that our Heavenly Father will both protect us and provide for our every need.
There have been many awkward moments grappling with the concept of being a “missionary” and a modern-day one at that! So you may be wondering what things have been the most challenging...
Well before I answer that, I’ll ask you a question... what image do you think of when you hear the “M” word? (missionary)

I guess for me, it was the image of a badly dressed, grey-haired, vow of poverty, living in a grass hut type-of-person.

Let’s just say, it’s taken me a while to accept the fact that we live in a ‘normal’ house, we have a car, our kids go to an international school and I still get up and have a coffee and put make-up on each morning!  
But probably the biggest ‘awkward’ moment over the past year or so has to have been talking about money!  It’s taken a whole fourteen months for me to even type that word in this blog, that’s how uncomfortable it is!!
Okay so this is all I’m going to say...
Yes we work as volunteers.
Yes we rely on monthly support and one-off donations.
And, no, we are not worried about it!
Okay! So, that said, you know that feeling of not wanting to go further out on the limb for fear that the branch would break under you?
I’m going there anyway... I just want to say that we are coming back in 100 or so days and we would LOVE to come and speak with your group, class, school or club... seriously! And, here’s the deal.  We promise that we will NOT beg at you for money! That’s right.  We honestly just want to share our heart and what is happening over here.
We totally trust that God provides all our needs and that includes our finances.
So please, if you’re interested in getting us along to one of your events but were worried that we’d do the “hard sell”, don’t be.
Check out our site, “Back For a Chat” ... Go on... go out on a limb and see where it takes you!

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