Monday, March 15, 2010

And It Begins!

It was with a mixture of excitement and (just a tad of) sadness that I said a prayer for Dave today and he ventured off to begin his new job at ZOE. 

It's true, I will totally miss having him around, as I've become used to having him close by over the past two months, but I am also so happy to see him go off and start a wonderful work that I know will totally transform him and grow him in to all that he was meant to be.  How delightful that he's found a place to work that we both feel so passionately about and so inspired to be involved with. 

A year ago, almost to the day, I emailed Denise one of the missionaries who works for ZOE with a billion questions about her experiences in Thailand and how she manages living over here with her four children etc.

A lot has happened in the past year...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying Rob (Denise's husband), Jessica, the architect for the new ZOE project and Mike and Carol (the founders) out to the new building site to help select colors for the exterior of the building.  It was so interesting seeing all the plans and then helping to make decisions that I will have the privilege of being able to "see" for many years to come.  It was also exciting to see the roof going on to the building and each step of progress.

So how did I spend the day without Dave?   After we dropped the children at kindergarten, we drove to ZOE and I proudly left Dave in the car park and he set off to do his orientation.  I then drove from ZOE back to our local shops- which I managed to do successfully using the navigator!  Go me! Spencer and I attacked the grocery shopping with gusto and then headed home for a coffee (just me) and play together before going back for the kinder pick-up and home for resting time.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing craft with the children and then heading to the backyard for some fun with water.  We are loving not having water restrictions and the sprinklers are a big hit!

In just under 2 weeks my parents are coming to stay with us.  Our first visitors. I am SOOOOOO excited.  I am missing them more at the thought of getting to see them soon and I just cannot wait to give them some massive hugs!

Coming up:
Every 90 days we have to cross the Thai border and get our passports stamped to say that we've left the country (due to the type of visa we currently have).  We are going to do this this coming weekend as we have a number of commitments over the next month.  Dave, of course, is very excited about this.  I'm sure you can imagine the delight on his face as he announces "Road Trip!"  Mind, you it is a 4 hour drive each way!

Well it's officially started now... our work begins and we are so glad that our time has come to finally get involved and make a difference.

Stay tuned as I'm sure Dave will have lots of stories to report on soon.

Love and best wishes for a wonderful day,
Andie :) 

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