Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is Good!

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good”.  Helen Keller
Yes! Life is good.  Not only do we have the beautiful memories of our friends back home but we have received some lovely, encouraging emails this week that have really touched our hearts.  
Thank you!

I really enjoy reading quotes from Helen Keller.  If there’s a ever a day to start feeling sorry for myself, all I need to do is to read the words she spoke and it reminds me of not just the the adversity she faced but also what she overcame.  I then see much I must be able to contribute also.
I am feeling like a taxi service at the moment… dropping Dave at work… picking him up… driving to kindergarten and back… you get the idea!
But I must say, it brings me great pleasure to arrive at kindergarten and see the huge smiles on the faces of my children.  They are both so happy there and have made some wonderful friends this term.  Their teachers have welcomed them warmly, cared for them tremendously and I am so grateful for the environment in which they have to learn and play. 
I am equally as moved when I pick up Dave from ZOE and he too has a massive smile and eagerly explains all in the ins and outs of his day.  
It’s a noisy ride home as everyone tries to get out “their” stories but I love to hear them all, each and every one.

Some days we just pick up Dave and go but on the days when the children get to go in to "daddy's work" they get VERY excited.  It makes us both so proud to see them laughing and chasing the ZOE children and using their Thai to swap names and communicate as best as possible.  Eli, in particular, is picking up the language quickly and often speaks in "made up" Thai as she plays with her toys. 
Tobi has really begun to talk more and more about the things he is learning. Yesterday as he climbed high on some play equipment, and then landed on the ground, he explained what he knew about gravity.  He also shared some of his private feelings at dinner the other night about his little friend Jai-Jai (a gorgeous Japanese girl in his class that he’s great friends with). 
“I want to marry Jai-Jai when I grow up” he announced.  Mind you it was followed by, “… because she gives me smarshmallows (marshmallows) and draws me pictures”.  Nice!
I had an information session in Eliana’s class this morning to learn about her theme for next term called ‘Once Upon a Time’ and is all about favorite stories.  Eli’s teacher has asked Dave and I to come in and do a puppet show for the students which I am looking forward to.  To conclude their theme from this term on 'Water', the children got to participate in water activities in their PE class to celebrate Songkron (Thai New Years festival).  Eli very much enjoyed getting to wear her bathers to school and going in the pool… finally! 

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of sneaking in the back row and watching Dave and Jessica present their ideas for the 4 week camp to 45 of the staff and students.  Their pitch was so engaging and vibrant that it left everyone wanting to sign up as helpers.  Dressed as tourists and entering loaded up with their luggage spilling out all over the stage, the presentation captivated the audience and portrayed the theme of 'Journeying with Jesus' really well.  As camp rapidly approaches, they are now working double-time to try and transform various parts of the children's home into a huge airplane, oasis, bustling market place and middle eastern tent.  In each area different activities/teaching occurs in the evenings.  Passports will be issued and tickets distributed for the journey of their lives!  

The morning program includes games, games and games (the more water involved, the better) as well as creative snacks and elective classes for an hour.  Each Wednesday the children have an excursion day.  It's shaping up to be a LOT of fun! 

So again I wish to thank you for YOUR encouragement to us to do the best we can.
Once again, in the words of the inspiring Helen Keller,  "When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another".

Spencer learning about crayons.


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