Friday, March 4, 2011


Now for all you vegetarians out there, you may want to go and read another blog post… But for those that enjoy the occasional piece of meat, well this one’s for you!
At the ZOE Children’s Home we eat a lot of chicken, a little bit of fish, plenty of veggies, tons of RICE and of course, my new favorite meat, PORK!
Like in most families, here at ZOE we regularly look in to how we can keep the costs of feeding a growing family economical.  Over the past year, for example, we have made a few changes to the way we purchase pork.  Originally we would go the large meat markets and buy the pre-cut meat, however as we looked at the value and the amount of meat we were getting, we soon realized that there were better ways to buy.
So that was the beginning of the pork program.  At our previous children’s home we began buying a whole pig, that was generally cut into 3 or four sections and some of the staff or students doing training at ZOE would spend an hour or so on a Saturday morning and cut it up.  This provided huge savings to the ZOE Children’s Home.
Now that we have moved to a larger property, we have begun our own little pig farm.  Though very small at the moment, we have already fattened up a few pigs and the ZOE family have enjoyed them over the past few weeks.
So I have put together a short video to show you our pig farm!!!


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