Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Get What You Pay For... and a little bit more!!

Man I love Thailand!  There are so many things that make me smile.
Picture this scenario, you run out of washing powder so you have to rush out to the shops to get some more, only to find that, not only do you come home with washing powder but a bonus glass bowl?!
Or, it’s been a hot and busy day and you can’t be bothered cooking so you decide to head to the shops and pick up a roast chicken for dinner.
But when you get there your left standing at the table trying to decide whether you want the free make-up bag (cling-wrapped under the chicken), the chicken in a glass bowl or the bird with the free soccer glass.
Honestly, how do you choose?

Well, if it all gets too much, you can always opt for the ready-made pizza and two free cans of Coke!!
Okay and to finish, what about this?  I glanced out my window and noticed I was parked at the lights next to a huge tree strapped to the back of a truck?!

NEVER a dull moment!!

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