Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll Do "it" Tomorrow.

How easy it is for me to think, or say, these words.  And it’s probably why I still have two packages sitting on my desk that desperately need taking to the post office.
And the reason there’s a queue of emails in my inbox waiting to be replied to.
It’s the reason I haven’t started a fitness plan for myself, I have a handbag that needs cleaning out and I desperately need to visit the dentist.
SIGH...... anyone else have a list like that?
It’s been quiet around this blog lately, yes?  
Another, “I’ll do it tomorrow job”, sorry!
But I am back now and ready to give an update on our latest “Crossie” and ZOE news.

Here’s a few things that have been going on in our part of the world:
*We experienced the ripple affect of the recent earthquakes in Burma/ Myanmar last Thursday night.  No damage thankfully.
*Our family’s Uncle Don, passed away this week.  He was like an adopted grandfather to Dave and his sisters growing up as well as a wonderful caring part of our ‘Cross’ family.  UD will be sadly missed.
*Mel, Pete and their girls (and Pete’s mum Maree) all headed back to Australia after a three week visit.
*The ZOE kids have been at home enjoying their long summer break.  The camp program these holidays is an “Around the World” theme and has been heaps of fun as usual.
*The weather has been unusually cooler than typical summer weather.  Ranging from mid twenties to low thirties... perfect I say, but the Thai people can be seen rugging up in their winter woolies!
*Tobi has enjoyed March’s ‘book’ month theme.  His class returned slips of paper showing how many books they’d been reading at home and today they made it  to over 100 books as a combined effort!!  
*Tobi dressed up as Woody at last Friday’s character day.
*Spencer, who had been sick, is now doing really well again.  He’s wanting to be toilet trained and expressing himself using more words.  He still loves his 3 days at Nursery and often wants to go on the other days too despite my best efforts to make being at home fun, LOL!
*I had Eli’s parent-teacher interview last night and I could not have heard a more glowing report.  We are so proud of our little girl and how she is developing confidently and enjoying her time at kindergarten whole-heartedly.
*And me? I am really enjoying my Thai classes at the moment.  I feel like a few pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together in my mind ... yay!  Still getting used to having to do homework again though!
In reminiscing this week about Uncle Don and all the lives he blessed and the people he helped, I also thought of a different older person.  Maybe one who, reaching the end of their life and reflecting, says “I never did any harm to anyone in my life but... I also never did much good either."  Painfully laying on their death bed with a thousand regrets for all the things they had put off till tomorrow, and now realizing that they have no tomorrows left.
I heard a saying, ‘Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well’, but G.K. Chesterton amended it to ‘Anything that is worth doing is worth doing even badly’
In Thai class, they way we learn to speak the difficult tones and make the tricky sounds (that we don’t even have in English) is by saying them  out loud.  When I first started I would mostly get them all wrong.  But I would comfort myself by the advice I give to my children when they’re experiencing difficulty in persisting with a task that’s challenging.  How did we learn to walk? By walking badly, by toddling, by falling down innumerable times. How did we learn to write our names? How do we learn any new skill?
By actually DOING it!  Having a go and learning from our mistakes.
I like the quote, “To procrastinate is to learn nothing and to do nothing.”
My challenge this week is to not let this happen.
The things that I will delay and put on to ‘tomorrow’ will be those things that take up my time and energy only to produce negative outcomes such as whining, feeling annoyed, getting agitated and worrying about things that really don’t matter.
But I want my “to do” list to be filled with things that bring joy to both others and myself,  like writing a friend an encouraging card, dropping that bag of clothes off at that person’s house who needs them,  and spending more time playing games with my kids.
How about you?  
Andie :)

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