Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

When I looked through my diary at the beginning of September, anxiously searching for a 'date' to celebrate Tobi's sixth birthday; I realised what a busy few weeks were ahead.  
It was then that I decided to hastily organise his Yogi Bear picnic party and celebrate it that very weekend- two weeks early and I am so glad that I did.  
I've never pulled together a party quite so quickly but it all worked out and the kids had a blast.

You know, just this week, I have been to the airport 5 times!
Last Saturday we picked up our friends Jason and Paulina.
Wednesday morning I met our newest missionary Kaylee.
Thursday morning we dropped off our friends Jason and Paulina and then Thursday night I dropped off a short term team member after Kantoke dinner.
And then just last night I took Jessica to the airport as she is flying back to the USA for two months.
Phew... the rest of the Hawaiian short term team leave tonight, but I'm gonna give that one a miss!  Sorry guys! I'm all airport-ed out!

Interestingly though, in the busyness of it all, I have also had moments during the days (with Spencer and Eli at home this week) that were the opposite of busy... where we played endless games of Uno and blocks and made playdough creations.  Where we chilled out and watched dvds on the couch and made silly movies to send Grandy for his birthday.  And where laughter and tears and tantrums and cuddles were all mixed together... my month's been a bit like a sweet and spicy Thai dish so far! And it's not finished yet!

I wanted to share with you the following video which I found particularly encouraging.
It appealed to me not only because I love to drink coffee but also because I actually desire to enjoy my coffee.  I never want to be so caught up in 'life' that I don't live. 
So from my dirty dishes to yours; remember the simple things and don't forget to stop and smell the roses {l mean} coffee!

Have a great week,
Andie :)

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