Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tickets Please!

Have you seen any good movies lately?  I can't actually remember the
last time that I went to the movies... BUT I went today for the first time here in Thailand! 

Dave and I had some grown-up "date" time. So off to the movies we went.  As we looked at our options...two were Thai teenage love type movies without translation and the third was  Rowan Atkinson's  'Johnny English Reborn'.  It said Eng/Thai so we worked on the assumption that it would have English subtitles, so that made the decision making process pretty easy!
Going to the movies here was a different kind of experience to what I remember about going in Australia.  For starters the movie price.  In Australia adults tickets can cost around twenty dollars each now I've been told.  Well we paid six dollars total... yep, that's three dollars each! NICE!  And we even got to pick our own seats off from a computerized map of the theatre.
Secondly the popcorn was 35 baht per box (that's just over one dollar). Doubly NICE!
After the previews were shown... mostly for upcoming Thai movies, a message on the screen said, "Please all stand to pay your respects to His Majesty the King".  At this point we  (and the other 4 people in the theatre) stood up quietly to watch a short film showing some of the wonderful help the King and Queen have given to the people of Thailand.  The clips showed them helping the poor, visiting schools etc. 

Finally the movie began and just... as... we ... were caught up in the drama of people shooting at each other and hiding behind things to avoid being killed; over my shoulder came a kind-of husky voice 'dtuaa...dtuaa' and then all of a sudden a man popped his head over the seat holding a torch.
Jeepers! Just as well we were seeing a comedy, had it been a thriller, I think I may have had a heart attack.
It turns out he just wanted to see our tickets.
Goodness me, talk about heart palpitations!  I didn't realise that the three dollars entry fee also covered a bonus real-life fright mid-movie!

Has anything made you JUMP this week?  Got a funny experience to share? Please do!


Christine Henderson said...

Oh dear...just as well your heart is young and strong! I might not have survived a fright like that!

Cross Family said...

At least after getting over the initial shock, we did have a good laugh about it!