Monday, August 29, 2011

Say that again!

Cultural Show: The Fingernail Dance
I'm the sort of person who needs to hear something many times before I can memorize it.  
I need to drive somewhere several times before I can remember where to go and... sometimes I even need to meet people a few times before their names and faces are familiar.
It's a challenge that's for sure but on the up-note, I am the perfect person to host the short-term teams at the traditional Thai Khantoke dinner and show.  Why? Because I find it exciting every single time and I never get tired of going!  
Kang Hang Lae
The cultural show is full of dancing and performances as well as a dining experience which includes a selection of Northern Thai foods, of which, the Kang Hang Lae - Burmese Pork Curry is my absolute favourite!
On Saturday night I headed out with the Grace Baptist team for the dinner and show and had a wonderful night hearing all about how much they had enjoyed visiting ZOE as well as just being in Thailand.

This team (they left this morning) had some really AMAZING people on it.  Some of the team-members had been to ZOE before. This team also had members that are Guardian Alliance sponsors.  They help to contribute to the day-to-day costs of raising our special ZOE kids so that we can continue to give orphans and rescued children the high quality care that they need.
What's even more amazing is that I heard after their final session, out at the Children's Home yesterday, that another 5 children are also now being sponsored!  Wow!  Go Grace Baptist.  You are simply OUTSTANDING!!

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