Friday, August 26, 2011

Reading Recommendations...

Photographer: Chrissy Hunt
Last Thursday I went out to the airport and met up with some of the other missionaries, Bible School students and ZOE staff to welcome a team from America arriving for their short-term missions trip.
Unbeknown to me, many of the people on this team had either come to Thailand last year on a trip or a previous year's trip (with the exception of a few newbies).

As the team walked out through customs, one by one, I saw him... the man who had sat at the team debrief and spoken words that had really challenged my thinking just over a year ago.
I just had to go back and find what I'd written, and so I did... and it still applies to me today! And so I'm going to put a link here and if you want to reread it too CLICK HERE!

It's starts a little something like this:

"You've spoiled me for the ordinary ..." I knew what he meant.   I sat, close to tears, as each member of the short term mission team went around the circle and described how this trip to Thailand had impacted their world and changed their view on "life" as they had known it.  To read the rest CLICK HERE!

Okay, so you don't want to read it again, fine!  I offered twice, I can't do anymore than that! Haha.

Well, have you checked out the ZOE Children's Home Blog lately {or ever}?

Oh, okay, or what about Jessica's updated Children's Ministry site?  I'll give her a little plug, BUT only because it was her birthday yesterday LOL.

Well I hope that you've had a good week... honestly... where did it go? 

I'll back soon with some more updates and reflections on life here in Thailand, helping and protecting kids that really need it!



Narelle said...

We went to Bali in the school holidays. I know Bali really isn't anything like the needs in third world countries but I still found it difficult to come home and face 'normal' life after some of the things we experienced there.

Thanks for your thoughts :)

Cross Family said...

Thanks Narelle. I know what you mean, it changes your perspective doesn't it? Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives that we forget, or don't even realise, how other people are living and then when we do get a little taste of it, it's hard to adjust back to how life was before... how you were before.