Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Moment In Time

Early Sunday morning as I just began getting our children and myself organized to go to church, David was putting the last few things he needed in to his backpack to set off, meet the team and head up in to the mountains to visit a village.  
Staying overnight Sunday night and returning Monday afternoon, it was so wonderful to hear all the stories and events that had transpired over the two days that he'd been away.

Here's what he had to say:

It's amazing how time stands still.  
When there are no emails popping up, no phone calls and... no bed!! It's simply, "no worries"!
This past weekend was like that for me.  It felt like time stood still as I went away with the team from Grace Baptist Church into a village south of Chiangmai.
I love going to the hill tribe villages of Thailand.  
I enjoy the pace that things seem to take as well as how people seem to have endless time to stop and have a chat (or even just stand around a little awkwardly).
This particular village was home to a Karen tribe, so although my Thai is getting better, (slowly) it was of little use here as the ethnic language was much more dominate.
The weekend involved a time of sharing the Gospel message, visits to local homes, a church outreach, a school event and a human trafficking awareness program for local children.
Though only overnight… it felt like I had been there for much longer.
In summary, it made me want to leave the comforts of our suburban home and move to the village… but hmmmm…I guess this is not a decision I should make at this time of the night…

I am wondering though whether I should sleep on our timber floor tonight (like I did in the village) or back on my comfortable mattress…

Whilst Andie thinks I'm crazy, I must admit after doing it a few times now… I do quite like sleeping on the floor…

What about you?  What's your vote... Do you prefer creature comforts or roughing it? 


sis said...

Go the floor bro! At least with Noah being very restless the last few nights- more teeth???- I too have been "flooring it" ok on a cot mattress (very small & thin!)on the floor with him in my arms! Actually last night praise God was better- I actually joined Col in "our bed"- it is better than the floor! Thinking of and praying for you guys as always! Love, sis

Cross Family said...

Oh no! Poor Noah. We hope he finds comfort back in his own bed again soon- not like him at all. Love A x