Thursday, August 25, 2011

สุขสันวันเกิด... Happy Birthday!

They are a little bit different now.
But special all the same.

It was so great {coz} I received a birthday card in the mail today from my parents.
They'd actually posted it on my birthday and it took just 6 days to find it's way across the Indian Ocean and to my house!
And, I also received a parcel from my sister-in-law.... two words... TOTALLY SPOILT!


And today it is our super, fantastic, lovely, special, sweet friend Jessica's birthday.
Happy Birthday FRIEND!

We all love you lots.
We had a fun dinner out at one of our favourite places... the BBQ restaurant.
It's such a funny place.  Great food... unusual entertainment... random stalls set up next to our table selling second-hand clothes for 79 baht and a book stall! Go figure!
Anyway besides the crazy dancing on the stage {not by us} which just cannot be put in to words, it was an awesome night.
As you may be able to see from the photo, we were the only white ones there!  This always adds to the fun!
Despite not being each other's biological family, I feel so blessed to have people over here to celebrate special times with.  In the absence of our loved ones, it sure is nice to have some really cool friends!

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