Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mu Ping... Australian Style!

My mum and dad are so sweet.  Knowing that we might miss some of the tastes from our Thailand home when we were back, my mum had been perfecting the process of making 'sticky rice' for weeks in anticipation of our arrival.  
Well, she has it mastered now and we have been really grateful for the effort she's gone to, to appease (especially Spencer, Dave and Eli's) rice cravings.  Mind you, Tobi and I haven't been refusing it either!

Yesterday morning we were spoilt, once again, with not only sticky rice for breakfast but "mu ping" our favourite road-side breakfast treat in Thailand.
Dad rugged up in about 4 jackets and withstood 100 km/hour icy, cold winds to crank up the barbeque and get the pork skewers cooked  to an authentic "mu ping" taste.
And what was the verdict?
Delicious! And not a scrap left-over.

They had recreated our favourite breakfast perfectly!!
I think Spencer's face says it all.

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Cheryl said...

This is so cute on so many levels!! Spencer's face! . . and your Dad's thoughtful heart.