Friday, July 22, 2011

The Castle

"What'd you call this love?"
"A meat pie".
"And it's got something on it..."
"Tomato sauce".
"Tomato sauce! Looks like everybody's kicked a goal". 

My name is Andrea Cross and this is my story...

Do you remember that 1997 movie, The Castle?  Most of the Australians reading this blog probably will.
Well, one of the most precious things about being home in Australia has been spending time with both Dave's, and my, parents in their "castles".  
Now I'm not calling them castles because they have moats, thick walls or towers but I am referring to the dictionary meaning that says a castle is, "A place of privacy, security, or refuge".
We've had a busy, jam-packed schedule this past month and if we hadn't had our parent's homes to come back to (some times very late at night), it would've been a completely different trip.   The moments of refuge and rest, for us, have made the difference between a good trip back and an absolutely FANTASTIC trip.  We just love our parents so much and they have been so incredibly wonderful to us!  The five of us have made some precious memories and enjoyed the unique characteristics of both the 'Lewis' and 'Cross' families.
Just like Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle, we too have made many compliments for our mother's cooking- especially their efforts to include as many of our favourite dishes as physically possible in such a short space of time!!  
Our kids have also accumulated various treasures that would be going "straight to the pool room"... if we had one!!
So, to our mums and dads, you haven't let us down. 
"I don't know what the opposite of lettin' someone down is... but you've done the opposite".
Thank you!

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