Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Made It!

We are so grateful to be here in Australia.  Our flights were smooth and our children all travelled really well this time... yay!
We are enjoying catching up with our family and friends as well as sampling many of the tastes from home.
Dave particularly enjoyed digging into his mum's delicious lamb roast on the day we got back...

We spent the morning out at Bayside Church this morning out in one of the kid's church rooms teaching a Thai song, sharing stories and letting the kids try on some Thai clothing.

We are looking forward to the next week with more family catch-ups and some time to relax.  We will try to keep you posted over the next few weeks.  To see where we'll be speaking, click here!

Take care,


Mrs M said...

Have fun, I'm sure you're family have been counting down the days till the had you home. Enjoy.

Cross Family said...

Thanks Mandy. We're having fun already despite the chilly weather. It's so nice to have this time back home.