Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everyone has a photographic memory… some just don’t have film.

And that would be me!!  Hahaha. My memory is shocking!

So, how is it that I find myself away on holidays and I having barely taken any photographs?  I guess because so much of our life in Thailand is photographed (and blogged about) that it feels kinda nice to just simply "be".

Sometimes, I think, beautiful moments of play, interaction, humour or affection can be spoilt once the camera comes out.

And so, with only about ten days remaining, I apologise because I have no amazing pictures to share with you and yet we are having the most wonderful time.

Okay so here's our family's top ten things we are really loving about being back in Australia:

1.  Spending time with family and close friends.
2.  The food: meat pies, good tasting fish and chips, Barbeque Shapes, Cadbury chocolate, yummy Australian home-cooked meals... (this list goes on and on LOL)
3.  Understanding the language!
4.  Some sleep-ins!  (It's gets light at 5.30am in Chiangmai!)
5.  Looking through the shops... and being able to read the labels and the signs!!
6.  For Dave, watching the Australian football.
7.  Seeing friend's new houses, renovations, new babies and catching up on all their news.
8.  Blending in and looking (relatively) "normal".
9.  Open fires, carpeted floors, hot drinks, snuggling in warm pajamas...
10. Being spoilt with love!

Thank you to our amazing family and friends. We feel so overwhelmed with your hospitality, kindness and generosity.  We are really enjoying seeing you and will cherish these last 10 days, each and every second... I might even try to get a few happy snaps before we head back too!! 

Andie :)

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