Wednesday, July 27, 2011

26 days

It's amazing what can be fitted in to 26 days.  
That's what we just had in Australia and it was a FUN!
We fitted in 6 night-time catch-ups, 5 churches, 4 small groups, 3 schools (2 secondary and 1 primary) plus almost every other day and night seeing family and friends... it was really special.
Okay, so we're just a tad exhausted but it was so worth it and the only bit I would've changed if I could've was our little Spencer coming down with a vomiting thing the day before we left!! It caused a little bit of concern but thankfully he had pulled up well enough to travel and it was all okay!!
Thank you to everyone who came and heard us share around the place, you were such an encouragement to us and we have returned with our love tanks full and our refrigerator also stocked with Cadbury which should last us a little while!
We are already missing those Australian accents, big hugs, meat pies and fish 'n chips but we know that we will be okay and that it just makes us all the more eager looking forward to when we come back next time.

Well, I'm not sure what time my body clock is saying that it is but I do know that I need sleep.

I'll have more to update about what's been happening at ZOE Children's Homes in the past month as well as a few more reflections about our fabulous trip in Australia.

Signing out... Andie:)

PS We love your comments and feedback!


Fi Grech said...

Loved catching up. Hopefully next time it can be for longer and on your turf. Look forward to more news and glad that you are all safely home. Stay in touch. Love Chris and Fi xx

Narelle said...

Glad you had a productive and blessed trip home.