Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Recently, on holidays, we were debating whether to go to the Chiangmai Zoo or try to find a waterfall referred to as “Sticky Falls”. I am so pleased to report that we decided to take the road less travelled and discover the beauty of the falls. 
I was thinking, ‘We’ve been to a waterfall already, how much better can it get?’ but how wrong I was. 
Sticky Falls is almost indescribable. I hope from the photos below you can understand just a little bit of how amazing this place is. 
We had fair walk to get to the falls but once there, we had the most amazing time. These particular water falls are lime stone so we were able to climb up and down them- the rocks weren’t slippery at all.
We were also pleasantly surprised to see that we had the waterfalls to ourselves this day (apparently it can get pretty busy).

What do you think? Beautiful hey?

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