Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The ZOE family has such a sense of fun. I love it how the Tang family organised for the ‘welcoming’ team to bandage themselves up at the airport to welcome the Seattle Medical Missions Team.

"My doctor gave me six months to live, 
but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more!"   Walter Matthau.
I love the ZOE family.  Pictured above are some staff and students that met the medical team at the airport all dressed up in bandages to welcome the medical team.  So funny!  
I heard it actually took a few minutes for team of traveling doctors to realise that it was all just a big joke though... they all appeared very shocked and concerned as they walked through customs and almost set straight to work on the sad and sorry looking bunch. 
Proper medical care is something that many of us simply expect or take for granted, but to be able to go to a doctor and receive treatment and advice is a service that millions of people, in other parts of the world, miss out on.  
You may remember back in June when I posted on ‘A week of goodbyes and hellos‘,  I mentioned our dear friend Aunty Joyce who was returning home to the States for a time.  Well, for the past week she has been back at ZOE with a team of medical experts.  The team consisted of doctors, nurses, pediatricians, orthodontists, optometrists etc.   At the start of the week ZOE was transferred into a series of medical clinics, and the team treated the ZOE children, staff, students and children from a nearby children’s home.

As the team relocated to a more isolated hill-tribe village (where medical facilities and trained practitioners can be few and far between) the ZOE staff and students oversaw all the logistics and provided the translation service for the team as they conducted a four day medical clinic.

As we’ve been away the past couple of weeks, we only got to meet the team (and see Joyce) this morning at the airport.  They departed today :(

I loved hearing the stories this morning of the team testing the villagers eye sight and being able to match donated eye glasses to people who would otherwise not be able to see properly.  Though we were unable to be with this team we wanted to share some of the joy with you.

Thank you so much Seattle Medical Missions Team- what a blessing you are!

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