Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Long?

Apparently, as I write this, there are 8 days 16 hours and 20 minutes left till Christmas... Or is it 19 minutes now? But who’s counting hey?
Many people have asked us what it’s like at Christmas time in Thailand.  So I thought I’d try to describe it. 
Well, for starters, we don’t get junk mail or have television so it’s a bit unusual not to be bombarded with advertising this year.  There are some Christmas decorations available at the shops such a tinsel, balls, bells etc but what I notice is the lack of items reflecting the true meaning of Christmas (e.g. no nativity sets etc).  Christmas paper is quite hard to come buy, but not impossible- I have settled for plain reds and golds though just to save time looking!
Thai people love to celebrate, so it doesn’t seem to matter if the Christmas festival originated in a different country or comes from a completely different religion, they still enjoy celebrating the “fun” side of the festive season. To them, Christmas means, Santa Claus, angels and Christmas carols and is mainly linked  to the upcoming New Year holiday.   Unlike other countries, Thailand is very tolerant of other religions.
Christmas Day is not a public holiday in Thailand and many Thai schools and universities even have exams running on the 25th this year.  Our children go to a Christian, international school/ kindergarten so they will finish second term tomorrow and resume for Term 3 at the beginning of January- if you remember their school year ends in June and begins in August (similar to the American school year).
Okay, so here’s my top ten list for you.
10 things that are or will be DIFFERENT this year  
(NB “different” doesn’t mean good or bad, just different!)  
  1. 1.Having a little plastic tree.
  2. 2.Celebrating at ZOE on Christmas Day.
  3. 3.Being away from most of our family 
(we’re blessed to have Dave’s parents here though)
  1. 4.It’s winter!!  
(okay that doesn’t really count as it’s still 30 degrees)
  1. 5.We won’t be eating roast, pudding or custard :(
  2. 6.All the shops and businesses will still be trading on Christmas Day.
  3. 7.No Boxing Day sales!  or Test Match for Dave to watch!!
  4. 8. We won’t be able to watch the carols at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Christmas Eve.
  5. 9.Or visit the Myer windows (okay so we probably weren’t going to do that anyway LOL)
  6. 10. And there’ll be no presents this year.... Ha ha ONLY JOKING!!!!!!
Alright, well now there’s 8 days 15 hours and 29 minutes left till Christmas ... AND you can calculate how long it took me to write this blog!!
Enjoy your week.  Blessings,
Andie :)

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