Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest Blogger: Marlane Cross

We said goodbye to “Nanny and Grandy” today at the airport.  
Thank you for visiting us and for celebrating Christmas here in Thailand.
Here’s what Dave’s mum had to say about her trip:

What a joy for Darryl and I to have almost the whole month of December with David, Andrea, Tobiah, Eliana and Spencer in Thailand.
The first 10 days was spent at the Juniper Tree –a respite/holiday venue for missionary families.
This was a special time of blessing as we shared in the journeys  of other workers in Asia, as they served in Laos, Cambodia, Korea, India and China.  Three of the families had come to Chiang Mai to await the birth of their next baby.
Whilst seeing our family again, visiting their home and learning more about the work at ZOE was the major reason for the journey, we also came to celebrate three birthdays; Eliana’s, mine and, the most important birthday of them all, Jesus.  
The children had participated in the lead up to Christmas day with a daily portion of the narrative and a treat from their advent calendars. At last the final pocket was empty.  On Christmas morning, David reminded us that God had given us the greatest gift of all in His son.  Now it was our turn to share the love by giving and receiving presents. What fun that was!

A couple of days before Christmas some of the ZOE team were able to distribute a gift (that was provided by an overseas donor) of 2000 pairs of shoes.   The ZOE children loved to receive these new shoes and were just as excited to help with the distribution as they gave shoes to children in surrounding children’s homes and schools.    (We’ll blog more about this soon)
In some ways it has seemed surreal celebrating Christmas in Thailand. All the shops are open, even a friend of David and Andrea’s had 4 examinations for her teaching course on the 25th.   Some of the hotels and shopping centers are playing Christmas carols, advertising special lunches and displaying decorated tree and snowmen!  Although it is winter here, I think the snowmen would melt very quickly in the 28-32 degree heat!

Despite this display of western commercialism, the fact remains that Jesus is the reason for the season. We, who have accepted the gift of God’s Son, celebrate with thankful hearts and stand in awe of His great love that is poured out for all humanity.
Saying 'goodbye' at the airport.


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