Monday, December 13, 2010

The Juniper Tree

Why 'The Juniper Tree'?
There’s a story in the Bible about Elijah who was a great prophet. His obedience to His God was often rewarded with great signs and wonders. Jezebel a wicked queen wanted to kill him so Elijah literally had to run for his life. Weary, afraid and frustrated he sat down to rest under the juniper tree. There an angel came, comforted him, fed him and encouraged him. His call from God was renewed and he returned to ministry with even greater purpose and power than before.
The Juniper Tree in Chiangmai is also a resting place for Christian- workers overseas who may be in need of refreshment as Elijah was.   This peaceful get-away ensures that they return to their work with new purpose and focus.
Here’s some snap shots from our time away.

We look forward to catching up on all the emails and news from back home in the next few days as we settle back in.

Love to you all,

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