Monday, February 8, 2010


...but gee it feels good to have finally unpacked our boxes of worldly possessions!!  

Can I just say, NOW it feels like home.

It’s funny the things that I just can’t seem to find over here like baking paper, good quality nappies, delicious tasting bread (sometimes all I can find is that sweet white bread) and soy yoghurt.  But then there’s things that really surprise me like this morning when I went to the shops and asked at the pharmacy for Bonjela, they actually sold it!  Not only do they sell it, it was about $2 a tube which is so cheap!

Eliana’s teacher bought me some desiccated coconut and golden syrup too which is of course necessary for making Anzac biscuits but very hard to come by.  It certainly is an entirely different experience doing the grocery shopping over here.  If I scan the shops quickly, things can appear quite ‘normal’ to what I’m used to but on closer inspection I generally don’t know what about 50% of the products even are!  Hopefully, in time, these items will become the new normal!

Well, I think I will leave you with some pictures of Tobi doing his “homework” just to prove that it’s not all fun and games over here!!!  Ha ha! One of us 5 is actually doing some work LOL.
Actually Eli got her first homework assignment today too so it will give me an excuse to use my printer, guillotine and laminator to help her put her little project together... Yay!
Oh and sorry Dave, I forgot, you’re working too doing bits for Quality Signs.... ah “sigh” okay so maybe it’s just Spencer and I that are living the good life.

Speaking of the wooly mammoth, also known as Spencer, I had to give him another haircut today as his curls were, once again, growing out of control.  He looked like a little surfer dude to me but the Thai people ask us about 20 times a day (seriously) if he’s a girl or boy!  
And then they act so shocked when we say he’s a boy!!!  Unfortunately when Dave came home today, he thought that my hair styling had made him look even more feminine so I’ll be keen to gauge from the feedback we receive tomorrow whether I’ve done a good job or not.  

Take care x.

The photo up top: the dried fruit section at one of our local shops.  The dried kiwi fruit was DELICIOUS!

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