Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Journey Home from the Fair

Out the car window...

Yes, that’s correct.  It’s an elephant and I took this photo from inside the car... that’s how close I was to it!

Dave decided that we should be adventurers on the way home from the fair today (“like Dora the explorer” he told Eli) to which we all agreed and set off with nothing but the satellite navigation system and a couple of bottles of water...

The trip soon had me leaving the camera in my hand permanently and counting how many different animals we saw either right outside our windows or on the side of the road.  Amazing.

What was more amazing was the scenery.  We were so overwhelmed by the complete contrasts we saw literally between one bend in the winding road to the next.  

So the animals we saw included buffalo, chickens, elephants and dogs (of course).  And the scenery varied from national park/ forest to rice fields, manicured resort-style gardens, barren unmade roads and really, really rural farming properties.

Check out some of the pics we took “out the car window”.  

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