Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God is Good… all the time.

You've heard it said before, 'Bad things happen to good people'.  
And often times 'bad' things happen to the innocent, the vulnerable, the weak, the frail and those who needed protecting the most.  I know that.  I've seen it.
That's why we came.
As parents, we are constantly planning, evaluating, limiting risk, protecting, sheltering, comforting, watching and doing everything in our power to ensure that our kids are safe - that nothing 'bad' happens to them.
But sometimes, no matter how much we do.  
How much we watch.  
How much we eliminate risk. 
Something still happens.
Something that couldn't be foreseen or predicted.
And it knocks you down like the force of a strong wave and leaves you swept up and winded on the beach wondering, what just happened?  
And then more waves come crashing and pounding you with the "surely nots" and "what nexts?".
But before you can stand up and answer those questions you have to deal with the waves of anger and injustice and forgiveness. 
How it must break God's heart when His little children suffer.  
To hear their cries and see their tears…
I can't imagine facing life's challenges without knowing God.  
When nothing makes sense - His truth remains.  
His Word picks us back up, it wraps us in a big warm towel, carries us to a safer place and it sets us back on our feet.  
John 10:10.  How many times have we recited that verse when we have shared about our work at ZOE? I've taught it to my class and our children know it well.
And so I continue to believe that God is good.
When the waves crash around me and I'm thrown down again, I sing Bless the Lord O My Soul, Worship Your Holy Name.  For all Your goodness I will keep on singing… Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.
The truth remains, God is good.  Healing comes and the ultimately the victory is His.
Won't it be wonderful when there are no more tears? There are some seasons that remind me just how much sweeter Heaven will be.

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Chaplain Gary said...

True for everyone ... without Him we have no hope, no future and no safety. Thanks Andrea for sharing.