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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Joy

Wow! What an amazingly fun and busy month December was.  Ours was definitely filled with Christmas joy that's for sure.  
Here are a few highlights of the month just gone.  

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" so here goes... 
December 5th: A Parade to Celebrate The birthday of HM The King Of Thailand 

December 6th: Spencer begins swimming lessons with his 2 besties.
December 10th: Sweet 7 year old
A wintery, snow globe party. 
December 11th: Dave takes Eli iceskating for her birthday.

Hanging around waiting for the last day of school!

December 18th: Singing at the Elderly People's Home

December 20th: Christmas Chapel

December 23rd: Iceskating- Missionary Christmas fun.

Christmas Eve Potluck at ZOE

Christmas Eve: Singing at ZOE
Christmas Church service: Tobi and Eli dancing
Playing with Eli's new pets... cutest bunnies ever!
New Years Eve at ZOE... 
This team sports day turned out like a cross between 'It's a Knock Out' and a mini Olympics- so much fun!
Waiting at the finish line for the "marathon" runners to finish.
Tobi in the sack race.
And there you have it! December all wrapped up.  
But wait, before I go... Could winter be any more perfect? Seriously? I love this weather!
This week's weather forecast.

Happy New Year!

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