Saturday, March 22, 2014

When "love" isn't enough.

My parents recent trip here was arguably one of the most precious family times and most-needed catch ups… ever!
The seven of us bawling our eyes out at the airport was proof  that, even after 4 years of living in different countries, "goodbyes" don't get any easier.
Tobi was trying to explain, after my parents left, "My bucket feels completely empty."
I said, "Maybe it's your heart that's sad because you said goodbye to some people that you love."
He sighed, "Love? I more than just love them." 

Apparently "love" was not a strong enough emotion!
One of the highlights of their visit was going to a new 3D Art Museum.  Below are just a few pictures of the hundreds that we took.  We had such a blast.  The kids just loved posing in front of each painting. 

The lowlight was that 6 out of the 7 of us got food poisoning.  It spanned a three day period of 2-3 people being unwell at any one time.  My dad (who is coeliac) did not eat the same food as us and was spared the pain.  He did a wonderful job, as did Mum, entertaining the children and helping us out whilst Dave and I were out of action.  

I loved the way my parents sat with the kids and played checkers, knitted together, arranged flowers, sang songs, laughed and worked in the backyard.  So precious.

There were many other fun moments spread throughout the 10 days, but the end of the trip was capped off with Dad leading 2 "cup stacking" workshops for the Grade 1-3s at our school.  Tobi, Eli and Spencer were so excited to have their grandparents at school and the other children simply loved learning about cup stacking.  
They have been keen to keep practicing their new skills!

  3D Museum Photos

Cup Stacking

Well Mum and Dad, we all more-than-love you.  And we will cherish each moment we spent together for a very long time.
Happy memories and feeling blessed :)

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Unknown said...

Love this blog. Always special when loved ones can spend time together.