Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who Are You?

Yesterday I sat marking spelling tests whilst queuing in line for a medical examination that I needed for my work permit.  Suddenly I gazed around the room and a large poster hanging on the wall caught my eye.  It read "You are what you think you are".  It was an advertisement for a local university.

But just as quickly as the words sunk in, I caught myself disagreeing with that statement.  I don't know about you but, quite honestly... I am SO glad that I am not what I think I am!

I reflected back just half an hour prior.  How that 10 minute drive to the hospital had seen me in tears of anxiety.  
I had done it again... the petrol tank was empty and there was no petrol station in sight.  Okay. I know. Really bad.  I agree.  But I can explain!
Anyway so as I was driving cautiously watching the the dash board flashing EMPTY ... 0 kilometers ... all I could do was pray.  Would my wonderful heavenly father graciously and miraculously some how figure out a way of making my car run on complete emptiness till I made it a few more kilometers to the nearest petrol station? 

I am so thankful that He did!!  Hallelujah! 

But I am also so glad that the statement on that poster is not true.  What I thought of myself at that moment does not reflect who I really am.
Maybe you don't struggle with forgetfulness like me.  Maybe it's a low self esteem, a challenge with anger or feelings of hopelessness.  

I am so glad that I know where to find the truth.

If my brain tells me that I'm useless or my heart sinks with disappointment.  If someone doesn't like my idea or I'm never the winner.  If I make mistakes and feel like a failure.  If I quit or change my mind or do something that someone else disapproves of.

I know where to find the truth.

When lies comes.  When feelings rule.  And when our inadequacies guide our thoughts; we must know who we are!
Who am I?  If I'm not what I think I am, then who am I?

The other day, I took Tobi shoe shopping.  He'd outgrown he beloved fluorescent yellow soccer shoes and needed something suitable for kicking around in at school.  Well, setting his criteria from the beginning, "they had to match" his blue school uniform, we set off to the small selection of shops that sold kid's sizes.  I was skeptical about finding anything on the first attempt, but Tobi is a keen shopper with the determination to match.  He was there to hunt and gather.  Well, low and behold we came across a pair of shoes that he really liked.  The only issue was that they had laces and, because we are always taking our shoes on and off here, and he hasn't learnt how to tie laces yet, I was feeling {understandably} hesitant.  I tried to steer him to a different pair and talk him out of the laced ones, knowing that (being his teacher) I would be the one who ended up doing the laces up 15 times a day!
But here's what happened next.  As I am ranting and raving and giving all the reasons why it wouldn't be a good idea, he cuts in... "Mum! {in-a-kind-of 'calm down' voice}" And then he continues, "But I can do all things through Him who gives me strength".  
I stop, speechless.  "Mum.  If that's true, then I can learn to tie my shoes and you won't have to help me.  I can do it.  I can learn". 
I love it when my kids remind me of things that I should already 'know'.  I love it when the truth planted in a little heart every day over eight years, springs to life.  When seeds sown begin to sprout.    In that moment...   

He knew where to find the truth.

Even as mothers we can temporarily lose sight of who our children really are.  I'm glad God doesn't!

We have a couple of statements in our house for when someone does or says something unkind.  We say, "That's not like you" or "That's not who you are".

When the world around you is bombarding you with messages telling you that you must look a certain way to be acceptable, be a particular size or have this type of phone/ car/ house... whatever it is.  
Who will you listen to?
Are you what you think you are?  
Are you what others think you are?

Be sure you know the truth!


http://chaplains-e-spot.blogspot.com.au/ said...

I am glad that you know who you are not! Excellent, encouraging and a great reminder to us all about where to find the truth! Thanks Andrea for sharing. Can't wait to see Tobi tie his shoelaces!!
Love Dad

Cross Family said...

Me either!! Hahaha. Thanks for the encouragement :)