Thursday, September 12, 2013

One of THOSE days!

I had one of those days yesterday.  You know the ones where things just don't seem to be in sync?  I didn't injure myself (or anyone else thankfully) and I wasn't unwell but odd things just keep happening and I began wondering, 'What's wrong with me?' 'What will be next?'
In the afternoon I had a couple of hours free so I thought I'd get some baking done.
Without realising it I began sprinkling Milo on the apples I was preparing for an apple crumble (instead of brown sugar). I then accidentally used salt instead of white sugar and put the butter for the crumble top, still in its silver wrapper, into my microwave (causing all sorts of strange and scary noises plus a lot of sparks).  
THEN, whilst chatting to a friend after school, I felt some furry threads on my top tickling my arm.  As I looked down, I suddenly noticed that I was wearing my outer top (which I'd taken off while I'd been cooking) inside out and the seams were all sticking out and exposed!  I ran to the women's bathroom shouting, "Can you watch my kids?" leaving my friend in fits of laughter.
After dropping our kids home after their swimming lesson, I headed off to a ZOE missionary women's catch-up at a familiar location.  I was already cutting it finely but then it took me twice as long to get there when I made a crucial error and took a wrong turn sending me back on the freeway heading right back to where I had just come from.
Later that night as I was driving home, I was pondering on one of the questions that had been asked around the dinner table about our day's highs and lows.  It was about at this point that I noticed my car doing strange things and losing power.  I quickly pulled to the side of the road.  As I scurried in the dark looking for the hazard lights, it suddenly occurred to me that I had run out of petrol!  Now, in my defense, we recently purchased a second hand car and we are now (after three and a half years) once again a two-car family! {insert loud shouts of joy here}  BUT being a new car to me, I had not yet familiarised myself with all the controls and the dash board signals- meaning I had neglected to notice any warning signs that the car was low on fuel.  I then had to make a sheepish phone call at 9:45pm to my dear husband Dave asking if he'd come and rescue me.  Poor thing!  This meant carrying our three children in their deep night-time sleep one by one down stairs and putting them in the car, going to the ATM and getting out cash, driving to a petrol station and filling up a can with petrol and then coming to find me randomly positioned on the side of the road, putting the petrol in the car and then escorting me to the nearest petrol station and showing me how to fill up! I am thankful he is so kind to me... not a single complaint from him but, boy, did I feel bad!
I must say, it was nice (after we'd finally unloaded all the kids and resettled them back into their beds) to finally lay my head down, knowing that the day had come to an end.
I am so glad during times like this that I can still have God's peace through it all.  That, yes, maybe I'm getting old and a bit senile, or just rushing around too much to notice the small details but despite all this, I can come back to my Heavenly Father and know that He is the source of all my peace and strength.  I love it that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables)

And so...
"May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you." (2 Thes 3:16)

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