Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Uniform

You know what I did today? I put on the same clothes that I wore last Tuesday, same top, same headband, everything!  That bothers me because there are people I only see on Tuesdays… people I just met!  
“What will they think?” I thought, “That I only own one set of clothes? That I have a Tuesday uniform?”
I simply had to get changed!
But why? What is it in us humans that causes us worry so much about what other people think of us?  
So often now Dave and I have conversations and we end up challenging one another with this very question.

Okay so I’ll put it out there:
What will people think if they knew I went to church?
What would they say if I told them I was a Christian?
What would happen if I let them know I’m a volunteer… or missionary?
What would happen if I were to dare to write something ‘out there’ on this blog?

And the answer is and should be… who cares?

You know what I am slowly realising is that if I spent less time worrying about what others thought of me, and actually reminded myself of what God thinks of me- I’d be a much happier and more secure person! 
I recently read a story about a girl named Jenny with Down Syndrome who was struggling to see herself as anything special and had begun focusing on what other people were saying about her.  
She tells of a woman who said to her ”real truth is only found in God’s Word, and not in what other people say about you” and explains that the woman gave her a challenge to see if she could find anywhere in the Bible where God called her bad names, or said she was a mistake.  If she could, she’d pay her $5,000. 
Do you know what she found out? This:
She was fearfully and wonderfully made.  She is the apple of God’s eye and his treasured possession.
After a lot of time spent reading the Bible to find out what else God said about her, she never did get the $5,000!  
Okay so next Tuesday if I find myself in this awkward situation again, I’m choosing to believe God’s truth instead of predicting what other people may or may not say, or think, about me.  That will be my challenge! 

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