Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Broken Belt

I only brought one belt to Australia with me.  
And on Thursday it broke.  
Thankfully I had a trip to the op-shop planned so I picked up another one for just $2.99!  
Bargain!  I love op-shopping.  
Have I mentioned that?
You may be wondering if my belt breakage was due to all the nice, warm, wintery "Aussie" meals that I have been consuming lately but, no, ... I think it was just old.

Speaking of broken belts, we experienced another, break this week too.  Our daughter Eliana fractured her wrist while playing at the park on Wednesday morning.  
She is being brave about it all, but she is still in some pain and we will hopefully be seeing a specialist at the fracture-clinic before we leave.

We have, once again, been so blessed with the warm hospitality of our friends and family.  As a result, we are thoroughly enjoying the various catch-ups we've had with supporters as well as the chance to share what's been happening at ZOE for the past 12 months at churches and schools.

Dave has headed off to NSW today with his sister Tammy where they will be representing ZOE and sharing at various meetings, services at the Narara Valley Baptist Church as well as with many secondary classes at a nearby school.

You may know this by now but, I have recently written a book... I still can't believe it's actually finished.  
After the 300th post on this blog, I mentioned the idea to Dave about getting some of my favorite posts from the past 3 and a half years published and, with his encouragement (and a few late nights), I finally picked up the finished books the night before we left!  My prayer is that it brings hope and encouragement to all who read it.  It's called, "P.S. I love you muu".  

Well, with just 10 days, 3 churches, 6 school sessions, 1 leadership breakfast and a few more catch-ups to go, we still have so much to look forward to.  
Looking back, here's a few highlights from the three weeks we've had here so far:
Casey reformed Church, ZOE fundraiser.
Eli "gardening" aka digging holes.
Visiting my Aunty.

A day-trip to Sovereign Hill
Speaking at Mentone Girls' Grammar

Doing Lego with Gramps
Well let's hope the broken belt and the broken wrist are the only breaks we have this trip.  This joke reminded me of the ones we were reading from the bonbons at our Cross family 'Christmas in July' dinner the other night:

Q: Why did the belt get locked up?

A: He held up a pair of pants.

So not funny, I know!  
Have a great weekend :)

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