Sunday, August 11, 2013

P.S. I love muu

Some of you would've received a copy of my book, P.S. I love muu by now. But I thought I should explain the title as a few people have been asking. Some people thought that 'muu' was the Thai word for 'you' and other people have read it as P.S. I love mum. And whilst I do love my mother dearly, that's not the title! 
In Thai, muu is the word for pork. The book is based on the cultural transition of our family who switched our morning serve of Vegemite-on-toast for a bag of sticky rice and muu ping (pork skewers) when we moved from Melbourne, Australia to northern Thailand in 2010.  
Muu ping is one of our family's favourite take away meals or weekend breakfasts.  
It's cheap.  It's can be bought off the side of the road.  And it's amazingly delicious!
The book is compilation of 52 messages of encouragement, many which have been reworked from this very blog. 
In the book, I share about both the adventures and the challenges of adjusting to an unfamiliar culture.  From the difficulties of learning a new language to the loneliness of leaving family and friends.  Throughout it all though, God’s faithfulness, provision and love have continued to remain strong.  
Thanks so much for all your feedback (those of you who have been reading it).  I love getting your emails!
Andie :)

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