Thursday, June 20, 2013

Officially Counting Down Now... 7,6,5

Well, I hear the weather temperature is dropping in Melbourne which can only mean one thing - that it must be almost time to fly home.  Brrrr.  
Usually there is some new record set on the day we arrive back like, "Oh, it's the coldest day in 103 years today!" Hence our mad dash out to the shops tonight to buy an extra set of thermals.  
We're going to turn our air conditioning on full overnight tonight just to try to prepare our bodies!
With 8 church services, 7 school events plus numerous other activities to keep us busy, this trip is looking like it's going to be another good one!
Here's a rough list of the places where Dave will be speaking, but please check back later for more details including times, addresses etc.

Casey Life International Church, June 30th (am)

Village Church, Dingley Village July 7th (am)

Mornington Christian Church, July 7th (6pm dinner)

Christian Reformed Church of Casey, July 12th (pm)

Narre Warren Baptist, July 14th (10 am) + Spanish service 1pm

Narara Valley Baptist Church (NSW), July 21st (am)

Antioch House, Saturday July 27th (am)

Narre Warren Christian Church, July 28th (am)

We are so excited to be coming back and sharing about what's been happening over the past 12 months.  We're also looking forward to seeing many familiar faces soon!
Andie :)

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Christine Henderson said...

Hope to see you all this time around. Only 3 degrees this morning...but the sun is shining. Safe trip home xx